DOB: September 2, 1946
Entered: June 23, 1980
End of Watch: August 17, 1995
Title: Supervisory Border Patrol Agent
On August 17, 1995, while off-duty in Chula Vista, California, Supervisory Border
Patrol Agent Lawrence B. Pierce witnessed an altercation where an innocent man
was stabbed to death. Agent Pierce chased down the killer, identified himself as a
law enforcement officer, and while attempting to disarm the killer he suffered
wounds that resulted in his tragic death. The killer was apprehended, convicted of
murder, and was sentenced to 89 years to life in prison.

Agent Pierce entered on duty with the U.S. Border Patrol on June 28, 1989, as a
member of the 1879‘ session of the Border Patrol Academy, and was assigned to the
Campo Station in the San Diego Sector. Agent Pierce was a U.S. Marine Corps
veteran and had served with the United States Border Patrol for over 15 years.