Fallen Agent: Luis Aguilar
DOB: November 26, 1976
Entered: July 21, 2002
Departed: January 19, 2008
Postion: Senior Border Patrol Agent

Border Patrol Agent Luis A. Aguilar, of the Yuma, Arizona Border Patrol Station, was killed in the line of duty on Saturday January 19th, 2008, after a suspected smuggler intentionally ran over him while he was deplyoing a controlled tire deflation device in an attempt to stop the vehicle from escaping into Mexico.

Agent Aguilar was working with a plain-clothes unit (IMPACT) near the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation area when he and his unit were notified of attempted drive-through vehicles. The IMPACT Unit stationed several agents in an attempt to intercept the vehicles as they made their way northbound. Agent Aguilar and another agent positioned themselves on the access road to deploy a controlled tire deflation device (CTDD). As the agents were stretching the CTDD across the roadway, the driver of the vehicle accelerated, driving directly toward the agents. One agent climbed the highway fence to the north, and was able to escape being struck by the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle immediately swerved to the left, directly at Agent Aguilar. At approximately 9:30 A.M., the vehicle struck Agent Aguilar, continued across the campground and escaped into Mexico. Agent Luis Aguilar was pronounced dead about 20 minutes later.

The suspect was subsequently arrested in Mexico and extradited by Mexican officials to face trial in the United States. He was convicted of 2nd Degree Murder in the United States District Court, Southern District of California and sentenced to life in prison.

Agent Aguilar was born in El Paso, Texas. He graduated from El Paso High School in 1995. Luis graduated from the 519th Session of the Border Patrol Academy on July 21, 2002.

Agent Aguilar is survived by his wife Erica and two small children. he is also survived by his father Luis Aguilar, and his brother, Senior Border Patrol Agent Marco Antonio Aguilar who is assigned to the Nogales BP Station in the Tucson Sector.