DOB: February 20, 1978
Entered: December 01, 2002
Departed: March 14, 2006
Postion: Senior Patrol Agent

Agent Nicholas Greenig was killed in a vehicle accident on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation in Pima County, Arizona, when the department vehicle he was riding in struck a bull walking across the highway. He and his partner were working a plainclothes detail when the accident occurred at approximately 8:00 pm. Agent Greenig had served with the Border Patrol for 3 years and was assigned to Ajo Station in Tucson Sector. Agent Greenig was raised in Laurel, Montana where he attended public schools before he transferred to a private high school in Billings. He graduated with honors from Utah Valley State College in Provo and joined the Border Patrol in 2002. Agent Greenig was a graduate of Border Patrol Academy Class #535. He was a Senior Patrol Agent and a member of a special unit that targets violent criminal organizations that smuggle people and drugs. At his memorial service, Agent Greenig’s family described him as a man of faith and dedication. He was the youngest of five children. Agent Greenig went on to become a dedicated law enforcement officer who was working toward his childhood dream of joining the FBI, said his brother Daniel. While he often shared stories about the harrowing cases he worked as a Border Patrol Agent, Daniel Greenig said his brother remained a man of faith and dedication. “In a world that typically has no time for God, Nick was a man of prayer,” he said.