DOB: December 6, 1926
Entered: February 23, 1949
Departed: December 18, 1950
Postion: Patrol Inspector

The incident began as a routine immigration procedure on December 18, 1950. Patrol Inspector Richard D. Clarke and his partner, Patrol Inspector Ralph L. Trantor, questioned Eulalio Cordero on a street in south El Paso, Texas. Cordero first claimed to be a citizen of the United States, later admitting he was an alien illegally in the United States was subsequently taken into custody. They were bringing him to headquarters by automobile for further questioning when the alien suddenly stabbed Inspector Clarke in the heart. His death was instantaneous. The alien then seized Inspector Trantor€™s gun. Patrol Inspector Trantor slammed on the car brakes held on to the gun and threw himself into the back seat where he grappled with the alien and succeeded in holding him until police officers arrived. During the struggle, Trantor€™s gun was discharged once, the bullet passing through a car seat. Inspector Trantor was badly bitten on the face and arms. Cordero was charged with murder.