DOB: September 9, 1950
Entered: September 15, 1980
Departed: May 10, 1995
Postion: Senior Patrol Agent

On May 10, 1989, Border Patrol Agent Xavier Magdaleno and his partner were driving their Service vehicle alongside the railroad tracks in an area of the El Paso Sector known as the “Slag Pit”, performing Freight-train Transportation Check duties. Preparing to check an outbound Southern Pacific freight train, the agents were driving east between the slag piles and outbound tracks. The assigned vehicle Agent Magdaleno was driving became mired in the “slag” near the railroad tracks. Once clear of the slag piles, Agent Magdaleno tried to execute a 180-degree turn. The wheels of the vehicle began to slide in the soft slag and continued to plow forward. Moments later an inbound train impacted with his Service vehicle. Due to the slag piles and the curve of the track the agents did not see the train coming until it was about 75 yards from the vehicle. Although Magdaleno put the vehicle into reverse to avoid the train, the train struck the vehicle on the passenger side and threw the rear of the vehicle toward the track, striking it again. On the initial impact, Magdaleno€™s partner was thrown out of the vehicle away from the train. The second impact threw Magdaleno out of the vehicle and it came to rest on top of him. As a result of the accident Agent Magdaleno was left paralyzed from the neck down and died from his injuries on May 10, 1995 six years after the accident. Agent Magdaleno will always be remembered for his amicable personality, his kindness and compassion toward his co-workers as well as the people he apprehended, for his devotion to duty and love for his family.