special units

In response to changing operational environments, the Border Patrol developed special units to respond to unique requirements. The BORTAC unit was developed as a tactical unit to respond to a variety of potentially dangerous situations worldwide. They have served in numerous countries overseas, helping countries develop their border control operations. They have performed rescue operations, and have helped put down prison riots and civil disturbances. Based in El Paso, Texas, they have one of the toughest qualifications courses in Federal law enforcement.

The BORSTAR unit was created in the 1990s as a response to increasing rescues of persons stranded in the deserts of the southwest. Operations in El Paso and San Diego Sectors closed entry points in urban areas and pushed illegal entrants to try entries in more remote areas. Few of these people were prepared for the dangers of the remotes deserts of the southern border, and many required rescues. The BORSTAR agents are also trained in swift water rescues, and mountain rescues.

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